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Battery e-smokers eGo-II 2200mAh

Battery e-smokers eGo-II 2200mAh

Цена: 1190 ден.


Гаранција: 2 месеци

Battery e-smokers eGo-II 2200mAh


The new battery e-smokers eGo-II can provide maximum autonomy.

It has a capacity 2200mah and gives you a range of around 12 to 14 hours of use of your electronic cigarette.

It has excellent build quality and ergonomic design.

Also the button battery e-smokers eGo-II three colors change depending on the duration of the operation is left to you, so you do not stay unexpectedly without battery.

Available in 7 colors:Black, ASIMI, Blue, Red, MOV, ROZ, White



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